Anatomy of a Pickup Play Scene

How do you make pickup play work well? How is consent created along with really hot kink? Listen as Action Bastard (of narrates a scene from Debauchery 2015 between Roughinamorato and Liongirl, and then hear each of them talk about how they negotiated before and during the scene, as well as how they felt afterwards. 

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MEAT not RICE! Reports from FAPCON2 & Beyond Vanilla

Freshly back from traveling to FAPCON2 and Beyond Vanilla, Gray is surprised to find that his ranting about using ice to treat bondage-related injuries is not as relevant as he thought (thanks, Shay!). 

He also talks about great classes from Tifereth, Frozen Merseaut, Aeolis Est, and Master George and Slave Bren. There is a bit about puppies & monksaks, too.

You’ll have to forgive Gray for then talking a bit about the excitement of planning ROPECRAFT, but it really is going to be great. If you haven’t got tickets yet, pre-sale prices end on October 31, so get them while you can!

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Erotic humiliation play. It’s mainstream enough to be in box-office smash hits but taboo enough that some of the kinkiest players hesitate to even talk about it. Enough to Make You Blush  separates the rumors from the facts and explains why some people think being completely awful is absolutely wonderful. –

Princess Kali, creator of powerhouse BDSM education site “Kink Academy” and innovative adult sex ed “” comes to the Ropecast talking about the topic of erotic humiliation. Gray got a preview of her upcoming book, and he talks with her about the many ways that this kind of play fits perfectly in the rope community – possibly in ways that might surprise you! No topic is too taboo in this discussion, and if you have followup questions send them to Gray for followup interviews!

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Checklists and Rope Risks

My podcast and blog post got some responses, which I share here. I’m especially appreciative of M from Pittsburgh and Satanasov who shared personal experiences about the DKE.

That’s the Dunning-Kruger Effect, and it basically means you ain’t as good as you think you are. How do other egotistical occupations like airplane pilots and surgeons deal with it? One method is checklists, and that’s what Gray talks about in this episode.

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The Dangers of Overconfidence & Why You Should Let N00bs Suspend You

It’s another weekly podcast, this time brought to you by the erstwhile M0co, who is working with Gray to come up with some pretty innovative delivery methods for his rope (fuck Amazon drones!). 

Gray kicks back old-school – no guests, just some thoughts about how to avoid the very real danger of being an Overconfident Rigger. Then he makes a strange argument: why experienced bottoms should be the ones first suspended by novice riggers. Is he mad? Why not let him know: Or come to one of his upcoming events:

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Interview with Travis & Niki from

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Gray steps out of the rope world for a bit by talking with Travis and Niki, title-holders of “International Power Exchange 2015” and the founders of the “Sinergy” event in Michigan.

There will be a rope track there, but the event is designed to have lots of kinks and interests available to explore, celebrate, and indulge. Dark age play, cigars, rough body play, and yes, rope will be there, along with classes on mental health and more. They also talk about how they handle things like consent incidents and what they feel is most important about education in the kink community.

Registration for Sinergy is open until August 24th, 2015.

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Midori talks about ForteFemme Workshops!

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The Karma Rope Magic | Interview with Janet Hardy

Gray talks about one of his regular sponsors, Karma Rope, and points out how they are breaking new ground in the business of kinky rope while maintaining the high standards set by other rope vendors like Bastard Ropes, Twisted Monk, and M0c0 Jute.

Then things get a bit personal as he talks with Janet Hardy about blame in the scene. They talk about when it’s useful, when it’s not, and what exactly they mean when they say “…there is no blame.” 

Finally, listen to the end for a special announcement about the new ROPECRAFT: It’s Knot for Everyone event presented by Graydancer in February of 2016!

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The Long-Awaited ROCGRUE2 Podcast

“Hey, Gray, what happened to our podcast?”

Way back in April 2015 the intrepid folks at the Rochester Kink Society decided to have another GRUE – spearheaded by Ella Knotte with the assistance of Kanin, Kinkasaurus Rex, and others. After the GRUE we sat around, had some cigars, and did a podcast…which promptly got lost on my phone.

Well, I found it, and I’m happy to present some insight into what could possess someone to do an Open Space event like this in the first place. This crew not only did that, though, they are also behind the upcoming RambleGRUE, where we take it out of the safety of buildings and into the woods!

Plus you get to hear old friends making their passions come to life with each other. Many thanks to Bastard Ropes and Karma Rope for sponsoring this episode, and a special shout out to Trillian Astra & Dr. Moniz, our newest Ropecast Patrons!

There’s still time to be part of the GRUE season of 2015:

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Ropecast Interview with Riggerjay

  • Rope artist.
  • Photographer.
  • Teacher.
  • Occasional StormTrooper.
  • “Sexy Boots on the Ground” for the upcoming Baltimore GRUE.

These are all part of who RiggerJay is…and that’s because he’s very careful about what he shares on the web about his passion. In this interview we talk with him about why internet privacy is important, what we can do about it, why “the MeatList” was all kinds of sucky but not a hack…in short, if you are kinky and online, you owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast.

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