Lochai on Learning

Lochai, one of Graydancer’s first teachers, honors him with an in-person interview where they talk about the good, the bad, and the ridiculous in the world of teaching kink. He outlines his concept on the differences between demonstrations, presentations, and education, and how mixing up the expectations of attendees causes a lot of unneeded grief. Along the way you get a lot of his humor, sarcasm, and more than a little ribbing of Gray during this visit to the Bondage Capital of the World, Madison, WI.

It is regrettable that this interview was not able to be recorded in the sound proof Ropecast Studios, and as a result there is some annoying fan noise that appears in the podcast. By way of apology, the staff of the Ropecast have agreed to take a 50% cut in their salary in order to bring you this episode absolutely free of charge. 

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Pablo Greene, Author of “How to Kill a Superhero”

Graydancer goes all literate with an interview with author Pablo Greene. His new book “How to Kill a Superhero” is like a cross between Laura Antoniou and Dan Brown, with hair-raising chases, hot man-on-superhero lovin’, and BONDAGE! This podcast is cleverly divided into “non-spoiler” and “spoiler” sections, so if you haven’t read the book, you’ll know when to stop listening.


At the end of the podcast, Gray mistakenly says that you can buy the book via HowToKillASuperHero.com. The link is actually HowToKillASuperHero.net, and you can not only buy the book, you can read the first chapter free, check out Pablo’s tumblr, as well accessing other resources like this cosplay guide.

But wait, there’s more!

Pablo also gave ropecast listeners access to a bonus story: “High and Tight.” Download it, read it, and spread the SuperHero Kink! Be sure to stop and say hi to Pablo at International Mr. Leather in Chicago as well, where he’ll be at an author’s book signing!

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INterview with Hajime Kinoko

Gray celebrates nine years of kinky rope podcasting with his biggest interview ever: Hajime Kinoko! This rope artist is one of the rising stars of Japanese rope bondage and is both carrying on the tradition of kinbaku as well as blazing his own path with an avant-garde style that leaves people breathless – and we’re not just talking about the models! Gray talks with him about photographers, connection, and even delves into the true meaning of ichi-nawa.


This podcast is made possible through the support of the Devils Mask Society of LA.

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Lee Harrington & “More Shibari You Can Use”

image: Lee Harrington showing the Ropecast what Twue Wope Submission must certainly look like…

Fresh from a GRUE in Los Angeles, Gray does a quick interview with Charlie Frown, organizer of the “Scavenger Rope Bomb” which was so much fun after the GRUE. 

The Ropecast then takes you north to Alaska, for part one of an extended interview with Lee Harrington, author of many books including the eagerly anticipated “More Shibari You Can Use.” He talks about learning, teaching, writing, publishing and, of course, ROPE!

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Saki Kamijoo & Aya Yuuki

Osaka rope artists Saki Kamijoo and Aya Yuuki join the Ropecast to talk about life as Rock & Roll Riggers in Japan. Saki (who has been called the “Fastest Hands in the East” by Graydancer) and Aya talk about teaching, learning, playing, boots, gas masks, pain, pleasure, performance and, of course, lots of ROPE!

This podcast is sponsored by the Devils Mask Society and listeners like YOU.

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Hourai Kasumi Interview

My passion is using ropes as an art medium
and painting the human body like a canvas
using Japanese delicate style of rope bondage.
- Kasumi

With the translation help of Kikorope (who you met in the last Ropecast) and technical support from the Devil’s Mask Society, we have an interview with a fantastic rope artist from Japan: Hourai Kasumi.

Based in Nagoya, Japan, Kasumi started as a model for Akechi Denki and later studied with Hajime Kinoko before developing her own style, which has been called “as beautiful as it is precise.” Since that time she has created her own body of work photographically, on DVD, and performing internationally (most recently in Sydney, Australia). Her website is a treasure trove of rope bondage, and you can meet her in person if you travel to L.A. for the upcoming Los Angeles GRUE or to her upcoming workshops in Kansas City. 

In this exclusive interview, you can hear her talk about her philosophy of rigging, her methods of improving connection, and even the true meaning of “nawashi“! 

Please note this podcast has been edited for English-speaking listeners.

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Interview with DemonSix & KikoRope

Graydancer covers some business (such as the upcoming GRUEs in San Fran, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and South Carolina) as well as giving kudoes to his fellow performers at Morpheous’ Bondage Extravaganza. Then it’s full steam ahead into a ropetastic interview with Demonsix (of the Devil’s Mask Society*) and KikoRope, a Japanese rope enthusiast who has performed as a model and rigger. She shares her insider perspective on Japanese rope bondage as well as some stories of how the “Old Guard” of rope did things back in the day!

*proud sponsor of the Ropecast, along with the Kink Academy.

Image: Kikorope had some fun suspending a gentleman. Used by permission.

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