The Karma Rope Magic | Interview with Janet Hardy

Gray talks about one of his regular sponsors, Karma Rope, and points out how they are breaking new ground in the business of kinky rope while maintaining the high standards set by other rope vendors like Bastard Ropes, Twisted Monk, and M0c0 Jute.

Then things get a bit personal as he talks with Janet Hardy about blame in the scene. They talk about when it’s useful, when it’s not, and what exactly they mean when they say “…there is no blame.” 

Finally, listen to the end for a special announcement about the new ROPECRAFT: It’s Knot for Everyone event presented by Graydancer in February of 2016!

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The Long-Awaited ROCGRUE2 Podcast

“Hey, Gray, what happened to our podcast?”

Way back in April 2015 the intrepid folks at the Rochester Kink Society decided to have another GRUE – spearheaded by Ella Knotte with the assistance of Kanin, Kinkasaurus Rex, and others. After the GRUE we sat around, had some cigars, and did a podcast…which promptly got lost on my phone.

Well, I found it, and I’m happy to present some insight into what could possess someone to do an Open Space event like this in the first place. This crew not only did that, though, they are also behind the upcoming RambleGRUE, where we take it out of the safety of buildings and into the woods!

Plus you get to hear old friends making their passions come to life with each other. Many thanks to Bastard Ropes and Karma Rope for sponsoring this episode, and a special shout out to Trillian Astra & Dr. Moniz, our newest Ropecast Patrons!

There’s still time to be part of the GRUE season of 2015:

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Ropecast Interview with Riggerjay

  • Rope artist.
  • Photographer.
  • Teacher.
  • Occasional StormTrooper.
  • “Sexy Boots on the Ground” for the upcoming Baltimore GRUE.

These are all part of who RiggerJay is…and that’s because he’s very careful about what he shares on the web about his passion. In this interview we talk with him about why internet privacy is important, what we can do about it, why “the MeatList” was all kinds of sucky but not a hack…in short, if you are kinky and online, you owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast.

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Ropecast Interview with Nawashi Kanna

Gray returns to L.A. and the welcoming arms of the Devils Mask Society to interview Nawashi Kanna and Kogura. They talk about how rope is learned, about the journey away from and back to kinbaku, as well as some very amazing ideas about the importance of making mistakes in rope.

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Emily Bingham, Writer-Instructor-Rope Fiend, Tells All!


An old friend and lover of Gray’s, Emily Bingham, has finished her memoir and is crowd-funding to get it out into the world! In this interview she shares her rope journey, including her battles in the Consent Incidents over the years, her history in the Rope Capital of the World, and what it’s like being an unapologetic rope slut.

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Interview with Tifereth


The @BedRaptor herself rejoins the Ropecast to talk about her recent FetLife post about negotiating consent better for fetish performers. It’s a complex and controversial subject that has spawned a new fetlife group as well as a search for better resources – including things like The Network/LA Red, who trains people in dealing with the difference between abuse and BDSM. 

Tifereth is out for real change, and her call to arms is inspiring! Give a listen and then give your own feedback in the comments, emailing Gray, or via the Ropecast Hotline at 608-432-ROPE. 

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Ropecast for May 16, 2015

Live from Bondage Expo Dallas comes Sterling, who presented a thorough lecture and demonstration on current trends in Chinese Bondage. (Incidentally, you can get a high-res look at those sketchnotes (and others) by becoming a patron of the Ropecast).


Then it’s off to Debauchery 2015, where during a cigar social Gray interviews the Action Bastard. He’s the devious mind behind Bastard Ropes and the rumors of his death are vastly overestimated – both times. By the end of the conversation some deeper subjects come up, and he and Gray reference Midori’s podcast where she discussed the mixed emotions vets can feel when they hear “Thank you for your service.”

You can share your thoughts on the subject by email or twitter. This episode was brought to you by the support of Karma Rope and their pay-what-you-can payment model!

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Debauchery and Sarifka Morgan


Nullmoniker and Sysiphe share all the awesome aspects of their event Debauchery, taking place at the beginning of May 2015. Gray’s a sadist, though, so while you get to hear about the awesome, the event itself is sold out! Better luck next year.

Then it’s off to Bound in Boston to talk with Sarifka Morgan, a rope enthusiast who has performed with the likes of Gorgone, Sean Grey, and others. She shares her love of bondage from both sides as well as some deep philosophy on what exactly makes a rope partner attractive.

Looking for more good rope podcasts? Graydancer was also recently featured on Rope Addict Radio, and there’s a new episode of the Kinbakunomicon you can enjoy as well! 

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On the road report from PittGRUE4

Graydancer, TwistedView, and Kashmira talk about their experience organizing the Pitt GRUE 4. Find out more at and
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Interview with PinkMynx, Part 2

Photo by @knothead. MocoJute Rigged by PinkMynx

An example of PinkMynx’s skill at evoking beauty through rope…

I am an ever evolving and dynamic individual. I am imperfect and flawed and learning to love myself despite those truths. I am an extremely dominant personality and leader by nature and never a bully. I believe strongly in personal accountability and leading by example. Great responsibility accompanies any power or leadership and I offer an immense amount of reverence to my roles in the lives of others. – PinkMynx

Part 2 of this dynamic interview is filled with in-depth understanding of the physiology of bondage. It’s a frank and sometimes hilarious and sometimes controversial talk that should not be missed.


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