10th Anniversary!

With special cameos from Ebi McKnotty and WhiskeyOnaSunday, alongside blasts-from-the-past Cunningminx when she had fewer podcasts than Graydancer, this episode celebrates 10 years of Ropecasts and the next decade to come!

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Next week we’ll be back with a regular episode featuring an interview with Naka Akira!

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Interview with Kinbaku Filmmaker PEDRO

Some people make art out of rope and bodies. Some people make art about people making art out of rope and bodies. Pedro is someone who does both. 

At the Naka Akira workshop in NYC he premiered a portion of his upcoming documentary which portrays the experience of a rope scene. Afterwards he took the time to talk with the Ropecast and the studio audience talking about his journey in rope. 

Soft-spoken, almost self-effacing, Pedro gives an impression of someone who was truly changed by his first encounter with kinbaku, and he has spent years honing his skill and craft to now combine it with another art form: film.

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Interview with Gorgone

In acting, a “triple-threat” is someone who dances, acts, and sings. What is it called in rope when someone ties, models, teaches, produces, manages, and still has time to write about the psychology of the experience of kinbaku?

They’re called Gorgone. She talks about her unique experiences both as a bottom and a top in this interview with some amazing perspectives on pain, presence, connection, as well as the scary items in her rope bag. She also talks more in depth about her new projects, working with the amazing Ren and also being part of Cirque Shibari.

This podcast literally has something for everyone, whether you’re new to rope, a professional rigger, an experienced bottom, whatever. Gorgone’s pleasant and expressive answers give a lot of eye-opening ideas about the experience of rope and the community as a whole.


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Pay-What-You-Want Jute & Hemp? WTF?

Because the rope world is filled with innovative types, MattP, a wicked-fast rigger from Minneapolis talks about his new company “Karma Rope“, which uses a pay-what-you-can model for off-the-spool hemp and jute so that everyone can get a taste of quality rope. Matt and Gray talk about more than just marketing, though – they discuss how the open-source model can work to help the community along with several other kinky topics, including the weather!

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The Ropecast Turns 10 in February!

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Talking About Bondage Injury Part 2

This episode contains the second half of Tifereth’s discussion at NARIX 2014 on bouncing back from bondage injuries, and it goes deep. Along with other participants such as Ben Hart, Ojipan, Aeolis Est, Naiia, and GoodMostTimes, they begin to develop a framework for improving the way injuries are dealt with in the community, not just for the individual. It’s an in-depth talk on a difficult subject that is sure to spark discussion.


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Talking About Bondage Injuries

Back at NARIX 2014, Tifereth led a discussion on all the things we don’t talk about in rope bondage. How can we create an environment that is more open and honest and less dangerous (because, as Ojipan mentions, it’s never “safe”) for everyone?

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The Rope Philosophy of Demon Six

Japanese Kinbaku taught by Kazami Ranki

Kazami Ranki teaches in Los Angeles thanks to DemonSix & the Devils Mask Society.

DemonSix, kinbaku scholar and teacher par excellence, returns to the Ropecast in discussion about techniques of teaching and learning rope, community connections, and some of the things he learned from Kazami Ranki (shown here) during the bakushi’s recent visit to L.A. 


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The Voices of NARIX 2014

NARIX 2014 on the RopecastGraydancer went to the North American Rope Exchange and all he got was three outstanding podcasts! This is part one, on-the-spot interviews with many of the organizers and attendees. You get to hear the hum of ropesters in the background as people talk about their experience, their plans, and most of all their rope.

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Ropecast Interview with the Sexy Librarian

The Kiss Me Quick Podcast with some HOT eroticaFrom her blog:“Rose Caraway is a native Northern California writer, editor, blogger, narrator, audio book producer and podcaster for the hit show “The Kiss Me Quick’s” Erotica Podcast. She freely celebrates all things erotica with her wonderful Lurid Listeners and is fondly know as “The Sexy Librarian” who scours the globe searching for more sexy stories for her fans, which includes inviting many of today’s most influential erotica authors to guest write for her show.”

Graydancer gets her to talk about rope, kink, writing, and much more, including her new book:

The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica

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Interview with Shay at FAPCON 1

Power-Exchange-Couple of 2014, Shay and Stefanos in San Francisco Folsom Street Fair

Shay with her partner Stefanos at Folsom Street Fair in 2014

Live from the hot tub in Calgary, Alberta comes an interview that has long been desired: Shay from San Francisco! A self-tying suspension aficionado, cock-and-ball binding kink educator, ER nurse, leather-title-holder, and half of the dynamic duo Stefanos and Shay, she spends some time spilling her secrets and sexy surprises in Graydancer’s lap!

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